Independent Interface design studio.

We are located in sunny Novi Sad, Europe, and work with people worldwide.

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Simple solutions to complex problems.

User Experience / Interface Design & Front-end Development.
One man studio. 10+ years of experience.

DESIGN We do Interface design and we are serious about it.

Web applications, SAAS, marketing web sites. From discovery, prototyping, and design, through iterations to final product.

DEVELOPMENT Front-end Development

Creating front end strategy that scales. Including living style guide, documentation and methodology to on-board new developers.

About Us

We solved UI problems for some people

You might not have the same problems, but these could give you an idea about what we can do for you.

PRODUCT DESIGN AND FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT Never Miss Another Call. Send your calls to the people you trust, with the click of a button, from wherever you are.

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UX / UI DESIGN Collaborative Database management in the cloud

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UX / UI DESIGN Data management software for campaigns and organizations

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UX / UI CONSULTANCY - SCALING SAAS When two guys start-up becomes fifteen persons product company, people are faced with new set of problems which usually contain word scale.

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WEB APPLICATION DESIGN Conceptual design approach to redesign of digital note taking tool. UX / UI design project.

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E-COMMERCE DESIGN AND FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT Improving customer experience for largest independent office supply dealer in Arkansas

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CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL MARKETING WEB SITE AND BLOG DESIGN Brian Sack hosted the brilliant comedy TV program The B.S. of A. until the network people said "money go bye-bye". He felt he didn’t say everything he had yet, and needed a new way to spread ideas.

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IDENTITY, MARKETING WEB SITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Dev Engine converts your paper drawings into prototypes, design and code functionality into them.

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iOS APPLICATION DESIGN In work and life there’s a general rule that 20% of effort brings 80% of results. By using Time Tracker you’ll be able to actual see your 20%.

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MICRO WEB SITES AND EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Terlato is family with over 50 years of experience in every aspect of the luxury wine industry. They hired us to improve design quality of their online presence.

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Like what you see? Get to know us.

We believe design is in its very best when it is light, invisible. When people are given liberty to create joy or solve problem by focusing energy on the activity they are doing, things that matter, not the interfaces they are using.

And we happen to design products for web. Web applications and web sites. From one man band start-ups to companies whose products are used by more than 10.000 people on a daily basis, we have done it.

nLight is an independent, privately owned design studio led by Emil Milanov. So far I have been in the business of design for almost a decade and a half. Founding a company seems like a natural way to show commitment to what I do and ambition to grow from freelance consultancy to an enterprise that is a little bit bigger than myself.

I tend to work with people who have strong integrity and crystal clear why behind their ideas and products.

What to expect

Each project that we work on is different. But they all have something in common. Those things are deep client involvement in the design process and communication. Design in this context does not start with pixel pushing on a computer program, but with exchange of thoughts and ideas. Here's why.

  • Do the talk

  • Make the plan

  • Make ideas happen

Do the talk

Why talk? You have your business. You do your business. You know your product and customers better than we do.

Without your input, our job is to design beautiful things. With your input, our job is to listen and help you solve your problem. To keep our integrity, that solution needs to look beautiful as well.

You are going to explain to us what you product does and show us how it does it. Product that you currently have hopefully is working, but not the way you like it. You probably know what you don’t like. Maybe you don’t.

That’s where we come in. We’re going to talk about weak spots of your product and find solutions that work.

At this time it is not so much important that you know exactly what you want to accomplish in design terms, but it's very important to be aware of which business problems you want to solve.

Make the plan

Based on our initial meeting we are going to create UX review of your entire product and propose solutions to your business problems using words and sketches.

Make ideas happen

We did the talk. We made the plan. Now is the time to convert it into reality. This is where design happens. Design in this context is iterative process. We are well trained for both design sprints and marathons.

When we initially design your product screen, we are going to expect to get your feedback, which we will use for refinement and arriving at our destination, final product. After we design all product screens and interactions, we’re going to make UX review of the hole thing and refine any inconsistencies that we find. Trust me, we will find them.

After this, we should be ready for selecting Front-end development strategy. We can make proposals regarding choosing existing coding framework as a base, starting from boilerplate, or simply execute the code in line with your needs. If you happen to have product that is already on-line but does not scale well both in design and code terms, we can provide you with strategies and tools to improve and re-factor existing code.

When we have code ready for production we can collaborate and assist your back-end developers if needed.

In today's world having a person who can do product strategy, design and code and be good at all three is a rare commodity.

We are in the business of problem solving. How can we help?

Let’s start. We need your basic info and your project requirements. Please send us an email at Hello.

How to reach us


Emil Milanov


Modene 1 / 30,
21000 Novi Sad,
Serbia, Europe


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